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Legal entity LING CHEN is a business company registered in Californiacorporates with the business ID "C4166479". This business type is "Domestic". This business was created on "06/19/2018". Current resident agent is "SHULING CHANG". This business registered office address is "1050 GRAND AVE UNIT Q30, DIAMOND BAR CA 91765".

Business Information

Business Name: LING CHEN
Business ID: C4166479
Business Type: Domestic
Incorporation Date: 06/19/2018 Status: DISSOLVED
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Business Address: 1050 GRAND AVE UNIT Q30, DIAMOND BAR CA 91765
Mailing Address: 1050 GRAND AVE UNIT Q30, DIAMOND BAR CA 91765

The name and address of the Resident Agent

Address: 1050 GRAND AVE UNIT Q30, DIAMOND BAR CA 91765

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